mrd6 is a ipv6 multicast routing daemon for Linux (and BSD).

You may use mrd6 with any Linux 2.6 based system as no kernel support for ipv6 multicast forwarding is required, that feature is implemented by mrd6 itself.



Up-to-date binaries are included with Debian and Ubuntu Linux.

The latest source may be downloaded from github using:

git clone github.com/hugosantos/mrd6.git


requirements: a GNU build system, including g++ and make.

To build the default configuration, just run make, a mrd6 binary will be compiled in src/. You can then install it (including default configuration files and man pages) into your system using make install.

For a custom build, run make config, where support for individual features may be enabled or disabled.


You can reach me via email at hugo+public@fivebits.net.