dbeacon is a Multicast Beacon written in C++. The main purpose of a beacon is to monitor other beacon's reachability and collect statistics such as loss, delay and jitter between beacons. dbeacon support both IPv4 and IPv6 multicast, collecting information using both Any Source Multicast (ASM) and Source-Specific Multicast (SSM).


Historically dbeacon was written to replace the "java beacon" used within m6bone. As such, it's development was done organically, starting in early 2005, first as a replacement using the same protocol and then as a evolution that used a more scalable protocol that carried additional information.

However, as of 2010 dbeacon is no longer being actively developed. I've taken the opportunity to re-license the source code from GPLv2 to MIT.


The latest source may be downloaded from github using:

git clone github.com/hugosantos/dbeacon.git


requirements: a GNU build system, including g++ and make.

To build simply type make, a dbeacon binary will be compiled in the current directory.




You can reach me via email at hugo+public@fivebits.net.